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“Airara neni paadira”: Pastor criticized for using and dumping long-term lover

AN Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International pastor, Peter Jezi, is facing criticism after ending his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, whom he had previously promised to marry.

Popularly known as Pastor Ryan, the clergyman had been in a relationship with Joyce Baisai (28) since 2021 but decided to end it in January, accusing her of withholding information about her past.

The couple’s issues came to light recently when Joyce attempted to visit Pastor Ryan at his house in Waterfalls. However, she was denied entry and forced to spend three nights outside the gate without access to food or water.

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Joyce claims that Pastor Ryan had promised to marry her and they were engaged in premarital intimacy since October 2021. However, Pastor Ryan alleges that Joyce concealed the fact that she had been sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was younger.

Joyce denies Pastor Ryan’s accusations and asserts that she was a virgin until she met him. She feels betrayed and used by Pastor Ryan, especially after they had made plans for their customary marriage ceremony.

According to Joyce, they had already started preparations for lobola, and she had contributed financially to the household items in Pastor Ryan’s house. She trusted him as her pastor and never anticipated being treated in such a manner.

She claims the two were engaged to marry and were engaging in premarital sex since October 2021.

Pastor Ryan is accusing Joyce of hiding that she was once allegedly raped by her uncle when she was young.

Joyce has disputed the claims saying she was a virgin until she met the pastor.

“I feel betrayed and used by Pastor Ryan, he told me he was going to marry me, tanga tatosonesa maJava, paid the decor, photoshoot and bought groceries for the customary marriage which was meant for December 30 last year.

“He later postponed the dates to January this year before shifting again to March, he has been avoiding me for days and this made me suspect him of trying to dump me.

“I couldn’t imagine him seeing another woman so I eloped to his house last Sunday since we have been together for the past three years.

“Hapana chatisina kuita tese namufundisi, airara neni paadira, nhasi oti haachandida nemhaka yei?,” said Joyce.

She said they both worked towards raising her bride price.

“I was keeping his money meant for lobola and we raised some of it together.

“We were already living like husband and wife and I even contributed to buying some of the household property, including a bed, wardrobe and sofas in his house.

“I trusted him as my pastor and never thought he would treat me like garbage, he can’t just dump me like this for no reason.

“I was introduced to his relatives and I did the same with mine, everyone knew about him, but never thought he could be this dishonest, zvekuti ndipastor rangova zita hapana huMwari paari,” she said.

Joyce’s sister, Saymore Baisai, who had loaned one of her cars to Pastor Ryan, has since taken back the vehicle in light of recent events.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ryan has suggested paying damages to the Baisai family and compensating Joyce for her time. However, his landlord expresses disappointment in Pastor Ryan’s actions and extends support to Joyce during her ordeal.

In response to inquiries, Pastor Ryan defers all questions to Joyce, indicating that she should provide her perspective on the matter. However, in a separate conversation with his landlord, Pastor Ryan asserts that he is no longer interested in Joyce due to her alleged deception.

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