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Fierce fight at Chicken Inn generates social media buzz

A fierce fight broke out at Chicken Inn fast food outlet in Harare CBD between two women over a man.

The violent exchange was captured on camera after one of tte women caught her man with another lover feasting at the restaurant.

In a short video clip, shared on X, a lady wearing a black boobtube leather dress goes on a rampage and starts attacking the other lady wearing blue jeans, an orange top and a black jacket.

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The conflict erupted when the former caught her boyfriend having a meal with the latter at Chicken Inn. Notably, the boyfriend was no in sight as the two women moered each other. The video shows two security guards and one Chicken Inn staff member attempting to separate the brawling women and quell the fight. The altercation escalated to the point where they were pulling each other’s hair

The other lady in a black dress had her breasts exposed as her dress slipped during the catfight.

Watch the video below;

The dramatic video quickly went viral, generating significant buzz on social media.

EzoicCheck out some of the reactions;


I must go here…a chicken meal+free fight what more can a man want?!🤣🤣🤪


Fighting over a man who takes you to chicken inn on dates?😂😂😂😂let’s raise our daughters to expect more from life mhani😂😂


Uaona uch8dhumaniswa ku chicken inn thats a sign kuti uri ngwere. Dhumanisirwawo ku El Polo Loco hako


This is where we are stupid as women madhumaniswa so why yall fighting each other muchisiya the man who is the culprit?🤷🏽‍♀️


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