John Cena Oscars explicit appearance was a “humiliation ritual’

The conspiracy theorists are out following the 2024 Oscars, with some arguing that John Cena’s nαked appearance was part of a “humiliation ritual.”

Hollywood conspiracy theories have reached new heights in recent years, ranging from speculation surrounding celebrities’ ties to the Illuminati to the use of “predictive programming” in movies and shows to control the masses.

The overarching theme is the idea that Hollywood is run by Satanic elites, a theory followed by groups such as QAnon – which we explored in our deep dive into the Sound of Freedom controversies.

Given the Academy Awards is the industry’s most prestigious event, it’s no surprise the conspiracy chat heated up last night (March 10) – including one surrounding John Cena’s explicit appearance.

At the 2024 Oscars, John Cena appeared on stage completely nυde, and some viewers believe it’s part of a “humiliation ritual” – according to the conspiracy theory, this is a practice in which celebrities will publicly humiliate themselves to show their devotion to the elite and the occult. 

Previous examples put forward include DaBaby wearing a diaper in public and Kylie Jenner’s wedding dress Met Gala appearance. And now viewers are arguing Cena showing up naked at the Academy Awards was a ritual too.

“Humiliation ritual 100%,” wrote one Redditor, while another said, “John Cena humiliation ritual? I’m a fan but this is just kinda sad.” A third added on X: “John Cena naked at the Oscars is 100% a humiliation ritual. There’s no other explanation for it. It’s not funny to normal people. It’s not entertaining. It’s not purposeful.”

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