Manchester City, Liverpool match debate turns deadly as brother slays sibling

In a deeply distressing turn of events, the recent match between Liverpool and Manchester City took a horrifying and deadly turn.

Police are currently searching for a man who killed his brother following a dispute over which was the dominant team between Liverpool and Manchester City in Sunday’s English Premier League clash.

Peter Mhike, 22, from Hotera Village in Zhombe, allegedly attacked his 26-year-old brother, Edmore Mhike, using a wooden bench and ultimately a stone when he attempted to intervene and prevent Peter from assaulting another man.

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The altercation occurred at Nganunu Bar in Zhombe around 7 PM on Sunday, shortly after the match ended in a 1-1 draw at Anfield Stadium.

Police reports indicate that the altercation arose from a disagreement between Peter Mhike and Joakim Moyo, 29, from Mashavave Village, over the match’s outcome, with Peter fervently supporting Manchester City. Allegedly, Peter initiated the confrontation by hurling stones at Moyo. When Edmore attempted to intervene and prevent his brother from assaulting Moyo further, Peter turned his aggression towards him.

“Peter Mhike, who is a Manchester City supporter, started throwing stones at Joakim Moyo. The now deceased Edmore Mhike rebuked and restrained his younger brother from assaulting Moyo. This did not go well with the accused person who then turned on his brother,” states an internal police memo obtained by ZimLive.

The memo further elaborates on the tragic sequence of events:

“Peter picked up a wooden bench and hit his elder brother. He then picked up a stone and struck the now deceased on his head, and he died on the spot.”

The match itself saw Manchester City taking an early lead, only for Liverpool to assert dominance in the second half, equalizing in the 55th minute. Despite Liverpool’s numerous opportunities, including increased possession in the latter half, they failed to secure a victory.

The English Premier Soccer League boasts a significant following in Zimbabwe and worldwide

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