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Man kills 3-year-old for rituals, implicates local businessman

In a shocking disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a man from Zhombe was arrested after he killed a three-year-old child in a suspected ritual murder.

The suspect, identified as Steady Munda killed the young child in a bushy area before throwing his lifeless body into a river.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, confirmed the gruesome incident which took place on Monday night in Chemowa area, Zhombe.

Speaking to H-Metro, he said;

“I can confirm the arrest of a suspect in connection with the murder of the toddler whose body was dumped in the river. Investigations are in progress.”

Eyewitnesses reported that Steady was in the company of another individual named Caston Mucheuki when they boarded a commuter omnibus headed to Chemowa Primary School to repair some windows.


However, their journey took an ominous turn when the vehicle became stuck in the sand near a river. The driver requested that passengers disembark while he resolved the issue. It was during this time that Steady mysteriously vanished, prompting Caston to initiate a search for his missing colleague.

As Caston, accompanied by other male passengers, scoured the area for Steady, they encountered a group of distressed children who informed them that a strange man had fled with a toddler.

The children led the search party to the other side of the river, where Steady was apprehended just after disposing of the child’s lifeless body in the water.

Steady is currently under police custody at ZRP Gokwe.

Eyewitnesses further disclosed that Steady, upon being captured by the public, implicated a local businessman named Tambu in the heinous crime. He accused him of orchestrating the murder.

A circulating video captures Steady lying on the ground with his hands bound behind his back. Witnesses described the horrific act, stating,

The kids were playing under a tree when he killed the child and threw the body into the water. It appears that he strangled the child.”

They also noted that Steady had been severely beaten, rendering him unable to speak due to the extent of his injuries.

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 Recent Attempted Ritual Murder Sends Shockwaves

Meanwhile, just a week prior, a seven-year-old grade one pupil narrowly escaped an attempted ritual murder, marking a harrowing event in the community’s recent history.

Reports indicate that Tatenda Mudziwedare, a 20-year-old local resident, received instructions from businessman John Madondo to procure a human head for ritualistic purposes. Madondo, the proprietor of shops at Sherenje Business Centre, allegedly sought the macabre item for wealth-seeking rituals.

Mudziwedare’s sinister intentions were thwarted when he attempted to strangle the young grade one pupil, who was returning home from school in the company of other children. The assailant pursued and seized the child, relenting only upon noticing two villagers approaching.

The courageous child recounted the traumatic experience to his mother, who promptly alerted the authorities, leading to Mudziwedare’s arrest.

Subsequently, Tatenda Mudziwedare was sentenced to seven years in prison, with three years suspended.

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