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Kelly Khumalo was the mastermind in Senzo Meyiwa’s murder Witnesses

The court has ruled that the confessions by two suspects are ADMISSABLE All evidence against her will be tried and tested in court.

In the trial within the trial, two suspects (1&2) pointed at Kelly as being a mastermind in Meyiwa’s murder.

There were phone records which showed her constant contact with the suspects and multiple sim cards and messages she sent to Zandile Khumalo using those sim cards.

Now according to the confessions which the court found that they’re Admissable, Kelly paid sums of money to the suspects and now the court will call in new witnesses. Kelly’s accounts are to be scrutinized in court.

Meyiwa’s girlfriend and baby mama

Meyiwa was tragically shot and killed at Khumalo’s home in Vooslorus on October 26, 2014.

At the time, Khumalo was Meyiwa’s girlfriend and the mother of his child.

The incident occurred in the presence of Meyiwa’s friends, Khumalo’s mother and sister, and Khumalo herself.

Contract killing

On Monday, the court heard that Meyiwa’s murder was not a botched robbery, as initially believed and portrayed by the witnesses. It was rather a deliberate contractual killing.

According to Gininda’s affidavit, the accused, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, has pointed fingers directly at Khumalo. He alleged that she not only ordered Meyiwa’s murder but also paid for it. It is also alleged that she went to a traditional healer for cleansing, as the accused are also said to have done.

Cellphone numbers linked

The affidavit revealed that the missing cellphone numbers discovered during the investigation link Khumalo to accused number three and five.

Accused number two, Bongani Ntanzi, allegedly also implicated Khumalo as the mastermind behind the murder plot.

“It is clear she hated him. She meant for him to be killed.”

Photograph evidence link

The court heard that a damning photograph of cash found on the phone of accused number three matches a similar image discovered on Khumalo’s phone.


According to Gininda, Sibiya claimed to have been outside when the former Bafana Bafana player was shot. He said the investigation suggests that accused number three was the one who pulled the trigger and killed Meyiwa.

The evidence includes photos from Mncube’s phone. They show him wearing clothes matching the description of the person who entered the house with a gun. He also had  dreadlocks.

Zulu-speaking perpetrators

“He is also the same suspect that shot the deceased during the struggle. Evidence also shows that he is Zulu-speaking. All the accused in this matter speak Zulu and are known to each other. Photos of the murder weapon used in the killing of Senzo Meyiwa were found,” Gininda said.

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