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Man down: Watch as man breaks down after catching lover having tlof tlof in car

A Harare man was left with chest pains when he caught his girlfriend having tlof tlof in the back seat of her lover’s car.

The exact nature of their relationship, whether they are married or simply dating, remains uncertain. However, in footage captured by the man himself, it was evident that he was heavily distressed to find his significant other in the embrace of another.

In the footage that was shared on X (formerly Twitter), the two men are fighting over the phone. The betrayed man attempts to capture his girlfriend on camera, hoping to publicly shame her for her infidelity. The woman’s undergarments are conspicuously strewn in the back seat.

Seeking to expose the truth to the world, the aggrieved man insists that the lady reveal her face to the camera. He questions how she could have the audacity to cheat on him after everything he has done for her.

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His frustration evident, the unidentified man demands,

“After everything? I wanna get it on camera. Show your face.”

In response, the lady implores her partner to leave, stating that she cannot engage in a conversation with him. Despicably, she even has the nerve to tell him to grow up.

“Can you leave? Grow the f*** up,” she retorts while seated in the back seat of the car where she had engaged in relations with her lover.

However, she changes her approach and requests that they move to the side to have a more civilised conversation before the video abruptly ends.

If you wish to view the video, you can find it here.

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