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Tazvi Mhaka accused of sleeping with best friend Sir Wicknell’s wife

In response to widely circulated rumors that he is having an affair with Wicknell Chivayo’s wife, businessman Tazvi Mhaka has spoken out.

Controversial social media star Tatenda Karigambe, known as Queen Tatelicious in the streets, sparked controversy yesterday.

She was upset that Wicknell had given vehicles to DJ Fantan’s mother and wife and had blueticked Ribhe and Levels, the producer’s coworkers. Tatelicious continued, “Wicknell concentrates on Fantan, but Levels and Ribhe are equally active members of ZANU-PF in Mbare.”

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Tatelicious decided to go for the jugular. She alleged that his friend Tazvi Mhaka is smashing his wife:

“Wikinel can never dare to respond to me. Never! Anozviitira Kedha Oli. If Wikinel starts with me, kungomwaya s_x tape ra Sonja his wife na Tazvi (besty waWiky).”

The post stoked a buzz on Facebook, and Tatelicious revealed the person who whispered the rumour to her:

“Tazvi ita hlooooo ku tyoka chaiko. Handisi wekwa Chivayo ini🤣🤣🤣 Pedzerana na Moblessing sister yaWicknel. She is my Source!”

Tazvi Mhaka Responds To Chatter Of Chowing “Bestie” Wicknell Chivayo’s Wife

Tazvi Mhaka Wicknell Wife
Tazvi Mhaka Addresses Rumours Of Bedding His Best Friend Wicknell Chivayo’s Wife [Image: @tazvimhaka/Instagram]

The businessman decided to address the damaging allegations. He refuted the claims on Instagram:

“Let me unequivocally state that these allegations of an affair with my best friend’s wife and the existence of a supposed s_x tape are utterly false and devoid of any merit. Moreover, the insinuation that my friend’s children are mine, despite DNA tests confirming their true parentage at birth, is equally absurd.

“I challenge the individual behind these slanderous claims to provide any shred of evidence to support their accusations. I am confident that no such evidence exists because these allegations are nothing more than cruel fabrications.”

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