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Cops, Soldiers defy President Mnangagwa as they engage in more armed robberies

Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe National Army personnel have refused to take heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s serious warning against engaging in robberies and other crimes.

According to reports, security personnel in and around Bulawayo continue to be involved in various states of armed robberies recorded.

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National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on Friday appealed to members of the public to expose the uniformed forces involved in criminal activities.

“Some robberies are linked to members of the security services in the country,” Nyathi told Southern Eye in an interview on Friday.

“We have arrested some members of the security services involved in armed robberies. Others were shot dead.

“We are aware that people in Bulawayo are worried about these armed robberies.

“I advise citizens to adopt the same method they have been using in providing us with tip-offs.”

Critics have said members of the uniformed forces are engaging in criminal activities to make ends meet because their salaries cannot sustain them.

Soldiers and police officers according to law are not allowed to go on strike.

As such, because their salaries are no different from those of their colleagues in the civil service, some engage in criminal activities from hard crime to petty theft.

In June 2022, a Zimbabwe National Army member appeared in court for stealing cereal from a tuckshop. During the late former President Robert Mugabe’s era when Zimbabwe experienced world-record inflation in 2008, the government resorted to slaughtering elephants to feed soldiers in barracks.

Under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the situation remains dire for soldiers and police officers.


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