Mai Titi’s daughter Fifi leaks 15 nυde images

Zimbabwean comedian Mai Titi’s daughter Felishia ‘Fifi’ Murata has been trending on social media after her explicit images were leaked online.

The incident has ignited memories of her mother Mai Titi who also leaked her images same time last year.

It has not been established how they got into the public and Mai Titi has yet to address Fifi’s unfortunate embarrassment.

She has been subject to ridicule on social media with some criticising how she has leaked over 15 images.

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Popular social media influencer Shadaya Knight blamed this on her parenting.

The mother had nudes all over social media in 2023

The daughter now has nudes all over social media in 2024

Daughters will most likely imitate their mothers

If she is being raised by a single mother, run

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Learn OR perish!!!

Shadaya also claims that Fifi is a victim of bad parenting.

In all this, you need to realize the young girl is actually a victim. A victim of growing up without a proper role model and without a father figure These are the effects of the shameless immoral lifestyle being pushed by a lot of female influencers on the internet. If the kids are seeing their mothers talking vulgar, twerking and leaking nudes, why won’t they follow suit? I feel pity actually for the young girl, she grows up under this toxic environment of a mother addicted to sex, attention and validation. Then the mother went away for a long time, locked up for fraud. A child all alone is vulnerable to all kinds of influences It’s sad a girl that young, her innocence has already been destroyed. That will stick with her for the rest of her life, she’ll always be labelled. Even if she changes, it’s like a criminal record, she’ll always be a convict Blame the mother, she’s wholly responsible for this. What kind of example is she setting for her kids, when she’s jumping from one man to another. When she’s always screaming obscenities on social media. When she’s leaking her own nudes for attention and male validation Parents need to do better, to be more specific, single mothers need to do better Learn OR perish!!!

See the photos in Shaday’s comment section.

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