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Differing reactions as High Court hears 55 divorce cases in one day

Zimbabweans have been alarmed by the number of divorce cases in the country as the High Court is today set to hear more than 55 cases.

Infidelity, domestic violence, financial challenges and, in some instances, emotional abuse have been attributed to the number of divorce cases by experts.

According to reports, 185 divorce cases were filed at the Harare High Court this month alone.

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Of the 185 cases, only a few have been finalised.

Forty-one of the 55 cases on today’s Harare High Court Family Law court roll were instituted by women while 14 were registered by their male counterparts.

Zimbabweans react to the number of divorce cases

Zimbabweans have taken to social media to express shock at the increase in the number of cases that have been recorded. Below are some of their reactions;


signs of the times. love is growing cold among many people including the rich and the poor


Ignorance vanhu havachina kosheso yedzimba and cheating, comparing upenyu hwenyu nehwevamwe motanga kusvorana and kukurumidza kuroorana imi masangana patiktok musati mazivana, panozobuda maV11 munhu anosarenda.


Peer pressure. Kutorana nemuchato musati mazivana.
Vanhu chatai after 5 kids


Economic conditions


Its better kuchata machembera than kuda kuita peer pressure yekuti ndinoenda nemuchato usati waziva kuti chinonzi imba chii

In Harare, Justice Amy Tsanga will preside over the hearing of the 55 cases with statistics showing a weekly increase.

Divorce cases began to surge around 2014, when the courts handled 1297 cases and 1417 cases the following year.

One thousand nine hundred and sixty three couples filed for divorce in 2017 while a 42 percent increase to 2634 cases was recorded in 2018.

In 2020, the courts recorded 1117 cases before an increase to 1351 in 2021.

Reports say more and more couples under unregistered customary law unions are ending their relationships bringing the numbers to alarming levels.



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