Chamisa seeks audience with Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe's Political Impasse: The Need for a Government of National Unity (GNU)

The political landscape in Zimbabwe has been marked by tension and disagreement following the contested elections. Nelson Chamisa, the former leader of the CCC, has demanded an audience with President Mnangagwa, calling for the involvement of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in the process. Chamisa asserts that he was voted for by over two million people, surpassing the consistent million-plus votes for the late former opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

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In a bid to move the nation forward, Chamisa emphasized that President Mnangagwa has been made aware of his thoughts and the necessary steps that need to be taken. While Chamisa is not focusing on leading a political out, he described the CCC as “mshika-shika.” Furthermore, he has expressed his commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the political impasse and emphasized the need for Zimbabweans to come together.

In a recent statement, Chamisa highlighted the importance of exhausting all available peaceful remedies and finding an amicable resolution to points of conflict, disjuncture, and disagreement. He stressed the need for a peaceful resolution of disputes and underlined the support of millions of citizens for this approach. He said:

“Fellow citizens, may I hasten to say, the following and exhaustion of available remedies and peaceful means to resolve national issues is not a manifestation of weakness or that we are devoid of other ideas and means.”

It is our strict commitment to finding each other and amicably resolving our points of conflict, disjuncture, and disagreement.

“We have committed to a peaceful resolution of disputes and intend to exhaust all available peaceful remedies. As you are all aware, millions of you agree with this approach.

“Zimbabwe is too beautiful and precious to be destroyed by flames of political disputes under our watch. Peace is fragile. Peace is sacrosanct. And the breakdown of peace knows no winner. The opposite of peace leaves us all losers.

Our beautiful country can never progress on the back of disunity and successive disputed national processes including contested elections.

Chamisa’s sentiments reflect a deep concern for the unity and progress of Zimbabwe, emphasizing the fragility and sanctity of peace and the detrimental impact of political disputes and disunity on the nation’s advancement.

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