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South Africa votes today

Today, South Africans are heading to the polls in what is anticipated to be the most fiercely contested elections since the end of apartheid in 1994.

A record-breaking 27 million people have registered to participate in these elections, underscoring the increasing political fragmentation in the country, which has emerged over the 30 years of democracy.

Notably, over 1.6 million individuals applied for special voting, which occurred both yesterday and on Monday.

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The Electoral Commission has assured the public of its readiness to conduct the elections.

Earlier, President Cyril Ramaphosa lauded the commission and its staff for their diligent preparations for the polls.

“We commend the Independent Electoral Commission for the impressive work they have undertaken in preparation for these elections. We have once again witnessed the capabilities of the IEC – in the successful voter registration weekends, in the registration of parties and candidates, in the preparation of ballot papers, in the organisation of overseas voting, and in the diligent application of our electoral laws. We convey our thanks to the IEC staff as they deliver on this most important responsibility of our nation,” said Ramaphosa.

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