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Zimbabwean producer Kooldrink claims was never paid for his song with Tyla ‘getting Late’

Munashe Kugarakuripi also known as Kooldrink who produced Tyla’s break-out song ‘Getting Late’ claims to have never been paid for producing the song.

Now he is demanding what is due to him from the Grammy Award winner Tyla who is enjoying considerable fame with her song ‘Water’.

The song ‘Getting Late’ was produced in 2019. Now he is asking for some royalties for the song.

Meanwhile, Tyla’s older sister Whitney Jasmin says she was raped by Tyla’s producer Munashe Kugarakuripi. This being a probable cause for the end of Tyla and Kooldrink’s working relationship.

Whitney Jasmin
Tyla’s sister Whitney Jasmin

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Who is Kooldrink:

Kooldrink is a Zimbabwean born artist at the forefront of African Dance Music and Amapiano based in South Africa.

He’s globally recognised as one of a sprinkling of producers able to authentically represent their local scene while also fulfilling their potential to exist in the global pop and dance space. He artfully balances raw street flavour with exceptionally detailed sound design, and rich, saccharine musical progressions.

Rooted within the culture, Kooldrink’s studio in downtown Johannesburg has become a melting pot for some of the country’s top producers and artists, banking on his unique ability to push the genre into the international market.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, 23 year-old Munashe Kugarakuripi is no stranger to music. Moving to South Africa at age 9, Kooldrink soon found himself immersed in the rich culture of dance music. His first foray into production came through embracing his roots, dabbling in Afrocentric dance at the age of 10.

‘I remember being getting home after school and hearing Skrillex’s remix of “In For The Kill”’

That very song was what set Kooldrink on the stellar path he’s still on. Spending 10 years on his craft, Kooldrink was roped in on productions for South Africa’s dance queen Sho Madjozi.

These production credits and his unceasing talent opened up the door to his signing with Sony’s Epic Records imprint. In 2021 Kooldrink found success in his smash-hit record “Getting Late” with Tyla. This was the record that started the Pop driven Amapiano sound Kooldrink is the driving force behind. “Getting Late” has to date racked up 11.2 million streams, and has since received a SAMA Nomination for “Best Music Video”.

Since 2022 Kooldrink has remixed smash hits by Ed Sheeran, Donel and Amaria BB, solidifying his name as a trusted source for the Amapiano sound globally. These remix efforts culminated in his single “Nowhere To Hide” with Aluna of AlunaGeorge and Nigerian superstar Prettyboy D-O. Kooldrink is the tip of the spearhead for the global amapiano sound and shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. write an easy-going news article on the rift between Kooldrink and Tyla over music royalties.

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