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Cricketer found with slit throat in Kadoma

A Zimbabwean cricketer based in Kadoma died horrifically after being stabbed to death and slit with a knife recently.

The cricketer, Scott Blessing Kamwise, met his gruesome fate in Waverley, in his hometown of Kadoma. He was walking home when the unidentified people ambushed him. They were armed with knives as they targeted Kamwise.

On getting to him, the assailants stabbed him multiple times all over his body. After goring him with the knife, they also sliced his throat with the sharp weapon, and he bled profusely, crushing any hopes of survival.

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When Kamwise lay face down during the ambush, the attackers stabbed him multiple times in the back before leaving him for dead. The cricketer was only found by passers-by, lifeless.

Zimbabwean Cricketer Stabbed
Zimbabwean Cricketer Stabbed To Death In Kadoma [Image: Facebook]


Strangely, the attack spooked most as Kamwise still had his cell phone and other belongings with him when people found his body. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is now probing Kamwise’s brutal death.

Social media users expressed pain and anger over the death of Scott Blessing Kamwise and feel suspicious over the sad incident.


“This is very personal. Friend, relative or love circle rival.”


“There are too many murders in Kwekwe, Kadoma and Midlands. Could there be a link with #Makorokoza?”


“All I know is that the last contact on his phone before his demise achaona moto ne CID Mtorashanga.”


“Eish.. MHSRIP and the culprits must, must be found and prosecuted, jailed for Life or Death.”


“Zimbabwe security has deteriorated more with pardons which bring out these thugs time and again.”


“It’s giving Mjolo things.”


“So sad this for the cricketing community in Kadoma and Zimbabwe.”


“Ummm vanhu vane hutsinye veduwe.”


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