Holy Ten Forcibly Removed From Stage in Clash With Saintfloew at NUST

Holy Ten allegedly engaged in a conflict with Saintfloew in Bulawayo over the weekend, attempting to disrupt his performance at the Miss Nust pageant.

Despite Saintfloew, Trevor Dongo, Noluntu J, and other artists being scheduled to perform, Holy Ten was not featured on the event poster.

A video circulating online shows Holy Ten being forcibly removed from the stage, with someone shouting “ngabve paStage” and Holy Ten responding with “murikurambirei.”

Additionally, another video captures a woman stating, “Holy Ten is trying to ruin Saintfloew’s performance,” as the crowd chants against the rapper.

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In a social media post, Holy Ten appeared to imply that promoter and businessman Tinashe Mutarisi was responsible for his removal from the stage.

Tensions between Holy Ten and Saintfloew have been escalating. Two weeks ago, the Silas Mavende hit-maker claimed that Holy Ten was “desperate for attention” due to his targeted social media rants.

This statement came after rumours that the two were collaborating on new songs, which Saintfloew denied.

“I am not going to release any music with Holy Ten. He is childish as he keeps mentioning my name all the time to get some attention from fans. It’s annoying now that he follows me just to take pictures and videos and make it look like we are in good books,” he said.

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