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Prophet Madungwe Evicted

Controversial ‘Man of God’, Prophet Talent Madungwe has reportedly been evicted by his landlord after failing to pay rent for four months, as he claims the devil is targeting him for preaching the gospel.

Madungwe, who founded the Exile Desire of All Nations church, rose to prominence after claiming he had met God in heaven. He also claimed that he had shared food with the maker.

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However, despite his fame, the prophet’s landlord, Gogo Mangena, told the State-owned H-Metro tabloid that he was on his way out after failing to pay his rentals for most of this year amounting to $800.

“I was being silenced from demanding my rentals for some time,” said Gogo Mangena. Prophet Madungwe kwakutondidheerera vachingoti ndichabhadhara, ndichabhadhara. I gave him a notice and he wants to leave without paying my money.

“This is unfair considering that I respect him as a celebrity. He wakes up daily and conducts three prayers without going to work. Handidye minamato yake ini, ndinoda mari yangu,” the irate landlady told the paper.

In response, the prophet confirmed that he was indeed in the financial doldrums, although he blamed this on the devil and some unnamed enemies.

“I am being attacked by the Devil because of preaching the word and a number of enemies are after my downfall, but I will not give up.

“I have not been meeting God for talks for some time, besides that, God does not give us money but power to heal and raise the dead,” Madungwe said.

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