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Ronald Nyandoro’s Discharge Application Set for Next Tuesday

A ruling on businessman Ronald Nyandoro’s application for discharge at the close of the State’s case will be delivered on Tuesday next week.

Nyandoro is facing allegations of stealing a motor vehicle.

The magistrate’s inability to finish her verdict resulted from her receiving the State’s submissions after the deadline.

Mr. Lance Malloch Brown, the State’s last witness, stated in court that he had no knowledge of any transactions between James Landon and Nyandoro.

Mr. Brown claimed he was unaware of any arrangement between Landon and Nyandoro during the cross-examination and that he was unsure of the owner of the original registration book.

The magistrate is scheduled to render her decision on June 5, which is when the matter has been postponed. During Kirk Woest’s evidence at a prior hearing, complainant James Landon stormed out of the room when Woest revealed that Landon had called the police to his house. Ronald Nyandoro’s

In the same session, Woest, the first State witness, stated in his testimony that he thought Landon was going after him via the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) because he had been truthful about the car purchase. Woest claimed to have lost two cars that ZACC had seized because of purported problems with their documentation.

Woest added that he had discussed the car with Landon and Nyandoro, and they had both agreed it was for sale. He claimed that at the time he bought the car.

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