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SHOCK as Harare Denounces His Wife in Court

A Harare woman was rendered speechless as a result of an event that transpired in the courtroom: her husband referred to the woman as his ex-wife.

Felistas Manhamadze, the woman, was left bewildered after her husband, Peter Sibanda, told the court that she was, in reality, her ex-wife. Peter Sibanda was the one who notified the court.

Because she was aggressive and threatened to harm his children, Manhamadze filed additional paperwork with the court to have Felistas removed from the residence they shared as a married couple.

“I am being bullied by my ex-wife. He stated, “She is abusive to me verbally.”

Peter asserted that he was feeling “emotionally depleted” as a result of everything that was taking place.

He continued by saying, “I am of the opinion that if she wants to move out of the house, she is free to do so; nevertheless, the children are not going anywhere.”

In her statement, Felistas made the argument that she was not Peter’s previous wife.

Felistas stated that despite the fact that “he is declaring that I am his ex-wife,” they have continued to live together.

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Because she already had a protection order against him, she claimed that Peter was the only person who could be granted the further order.

“I have never been disrespectful to him. Felistas expressed her surprise at the assertion that her accuser believed she intended to murder her children.

The protective order requested by Peter was granted by the Magistrate Sharon Mashavire; nevertheless, she stated that Felistas could not be prevented from entering their marital residence by the court.

She remarked, “Unfortunately, the court does not have the jurisdiction to evict her from a site she is claiming to be her house.” She meant that the court does not have the authority to force her to leave the property.

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