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Ginimbi’s grave in a sorry state

GENIUS “Ginimbi” Kadungure was a larger-than-life character who used to throw all-white parties for the rich and famous but there are reports that his grave is in a sorry state.

He liked expensive vehicles and lived in a gorgeous country estate.

His pals included some of the most wealthy socialites in the country and the region.

His death in a car accident on November 8, 2020, sparked an outpouring of grieving from both local and global personalities.

His high-profile funeral drew celebrities and business titans.

On November 20, he was laid to rest in the yard of his stately estate in rural Domboshava.

However, just over two-and-a-half years after his burial, Ginimbi’s grave is in a sorry state, leading to claims that family members, and his friends, have abandoned plans to erect a tombstone.

“It’s just as it was left when he was buried, nothing has been done and that is why you don’t see his friends coming to visit it because they also probably feel ashamed by the state of the grave.”

Ginimbi’s father, Anderson Kadungure, said his late son’s friends have promised to erect a tombstone.

Close family members are reported to have met last week to clear the grave and placed flowers after word spread that it had been neglected and media organisations were coming to get photos.

“The grave was never tampered with as alleged,” said Kadungure.

“Plans are in place to unveil a tombstone and Ginimbi’s friends volunteered to work on it.

“They promised to tell us when ready.”

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