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Thigh Vendor Bitten By Snake While Having Bush Lula Lula

Thigh Vendor Bitten By Snake While Having Bush S_ex

There was uproar when a thigh vendor in Zimbabwe’s Zhombe region was bitten by a snake while having an intimate moment with a client in the bush. The unfortunate woman is currently in the hospital.

The thigh vendor, whose identity has been withheld, was badly hurt near Joel Shopping Centre.

According to The Chronicle, the lady of the night negotiated a quickie with a client.

However, the pair chose to carry out their deed in the nearby bush.

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The snake bit the lady of the night in the middle of the act.

She was later rushed to Zhombe Mission Hospital and admitted. According to reports, the thigh vendor is in good health.

The incident was confirmed by the traditional leader, Chief Weight Ndabezinhle Gwesela.

“It is true there was a woman who was bitten by a snake while having sex with her boyfriend in the bush. I heard the reports, and I am told she is now recovering at the hospital,” said Chief Gwesela.

Chief Gwesela also lamented how many women and young girls in the area have been forced to resort to sex work and other vices to escape the biting hunger affecting the area.

“What is worrying is these girls will be working for as little as a dollar or even a plate of sadza. It is happening as people are facing hunger. So, they will be trying to make quick money thereby risking their lives.

“The situation is bad in Zhombe and it has pushed many girls into prostitution and early marriages. The situation is forcing girls to turn to immorality. As you are aware this is a gold-rich area and the illegal gold panners are now taking advantage to lure the young girls with money.”

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