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Watch How Lesedi Molapisi Was Probably Executed In Bangladesh Over Drugs

According to reports, Botswana woman Lesedi Molapisi was executed Friday in Bangladesh for smuggling heroin into the country earlier this year.

When she arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh after disembarking from a Qatar Airways flight she had boarded in South Africa, her luck ran out. Lesedi Molapisi arrived in Bangladesh via Doha on January 23, 2022, wearing all-white and wearing a medical mask.

The arrival of the Botswana woman coincided with an alert that Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport was being used to smuggle drugs.

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Bangladeshi authorities said they apprehended Lesedi Molapisi after intercepting her in the “Green Channel,” a passage for passengers who do not have luggage to declare. Her luggage was searched, and 3 kilograms of heroin were discovered hidden inside.

At the time of her arrest, Bangladeshi media quoted the deputy commissioner of Customs Sanuwarul Kabir saying:

We have information that cocaine is being smuggled but officials from the Department of Narcotics Control primarily confirmed that the seized item is heroin. We will send the samples for laboratory tests

On Friday, social media was awash with news that Lesedi Molapisi, the Motswana woman, was due to be executed for drug smuggling in Bangladesh. While news of her execution could not be confirmed, Bangladesh has a zero-tolerance policy towards drug smuggling.

Those found guilty of illegally cultivating, producing, transporting, exporting, or importing heroin, cocaine, and cocaine derivatives drugs in excess of 25 grams or millilitres are sentenced to death.

Botswana’s popular social media personality posted a video showing how drug smugglers are executed in Bangladesh. He is the one who first broke the news that Lesedi is due to be executed on Friday.

He posted a video showing how drug smugglers are executed. You can watch the video below:


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