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Zimbabwean Man committed suicide because he was sick and tired of “being broke and hungry.”

A guy in his thirties who lived in the village of Ditladi took his own life by hanging himself from the ceiling of the room he leased because he was sick and tired of being poor and hungry.

Before taking his own life, the native Zimbabwean, who was believed to have been living in Botswana illegally, is alleged to have lamented the difficulties he was experiencing in life.

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According to Oteng Ngada, the commander of the Tonota Station, the man is said to have confessed in his pals that he was considering ending his life since it had become just too tough for him to continue living.

“He griped about being broke and having nothing to eat, and that he does not see a cause to live,” Ngada added. “He does not see a purpose to live.”

“After that, he went into his room at approximately 1200 hours, and his landlord realized that his house was dark at approximately 2050 hours. “The landlord entered the property after knocking numerous times without receiving an answer, only to find him hanging from the house rafters,” disclosed Ngada, who also mentioned that the deceased man’s family in Zimbabwe has been notified of his death.

According to what he said, “His body is still at Nyangabgwe mortuary, and the Post-Mortem is scheduled for the Thursday.”


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