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Former Vice-President’s Son Loses Property To Girlfriend

Sandlasami, the son of late Vice-President John Landa Nkomo, allegedly lost household property to his ex-girlfriend, who allegedly broke into his house as punishment for dumping her.

According to a source close to the incident, Sandlasami had broken up with his long-term girlfriend Tinevimbo Hove, with whom he was staying at his home in Bulawayo’s Paddonhurst suburb.

According to B Metro, Tinevimbo, who could not accept that she had been kicked out of the love affair, devised a way to inflict pain on him.

โ€œAt around 3pm on the day in question she teamed up with her friend Nyari Makoni and went to Sandlasamiโ€™s place. Upon arrival, they broke into the house and took a 42-inch TV, knives, plates, pots, microwave oven, curtains, and groceries,โ€ said the source.

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In a bid to apparently cause more pain to her ex-lover, Tinevimbo allegedly took Sandlasamiโ€™s cellphone and threw it into a bucket full of water.

โ€œThey ransacked the house and left things upside down,โ€ added the source.

After that Nyari reportedly sent Sandlasami a WhatsApp message threatening him.

When contacted for comment Tinevimbo said: โ€œI had taken wine and then I went to confront Sandlasamiโ€™s girlfriend unfortunately she was not there and we broke into the house and took the property that we bought together. Itโ€™s not like we stole but it was our property since I contributed to buying it.โ€

She, however, begged this reporter to drop the story.

โ€œI donโ€™t want our parents to know about this incident, please may you kindly drop the story because it would put me into trouble,โ€ she said.

Sandlasami said: โ€œWhy do you want to write the story and do you think itโ€™s worth writing.โ€

Prodded further to comment he said: โ€œI do not have a comment and I donโ€™t think itโ€™s worth any attention.โ€

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