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Delta launches two new Chibuku Super flavours

DELTA Corporation has launched two new flavours of its Chibuku Super beer brand  under the sorghum segment as the firm seeks to offer differentiated products and choices to meet the market’s dynamic needs.

The latest flavours — ginger and pineapple, are already in the market with consumers now able to buy them in-store.

Sorghum beers had the second largest contribution to revenue in the second quarter of 2023, at 34,6 percent, while the segment notched its highest volume contribution in five years last year.

Speaking at the launch event that was attended by Delta’s clients and traders, among others, in Harare yesterday, general manager for sorghum beer business Marshall Pemhiwa said his organisation was excited to be expanding the Chibuku Super flavour range.

“As Chibuku, we take pride in offering our consumers differentiated products, offering more choices to satisfy their dynamic needs.

“This has been the journey of the Chibuku brand over the past 60 years.

“The addition of the flavour variants to Chibuku Super is part of our journey to build brilliant brands and remain innovative for our consumers,” he said.

The two new flavours add to the Chibuku Super flavour range that comprises banana flavour, Chibuku Super Original and the Scud packs.

Mr Pemhiwa said Delta was introducing new flavours and product ranges as part of its thrust of growing and developing the sorghum beer category.

In this context, the beverage producer looks forward to continuing to introduce new products in future.

“We look forward to an exciting launch, with several activities lined up for our traders and consumers,” he said.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the team that made this happen. Their critical contribution to the development of the new offerings cannot go unmentioned.

“Our special mention also goes to customers (traders) for their unwavering support throughout our Chibuku journey.”

Meanwhile, Delta Corporation reported a 19 percent surge in revenue in United States dollar terms for the quarter ended December 31, 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

The impressive performance is attributed to robust volume growth across all business units, further bolstered by a strategic focus on United States dollar sales, which averaged above 70 percent for the year.

Under the sorghum beer segment, overall volume in Zimbabwe, including exports, increased by 3 percent for the quarter and 4 percent year-to-date.

However, domestic sales dipped 5 percent due to increased lager beer availability.

The new Chibuku Super plant in Harare stabilised supply for both local and regional markets.

Building on strong volume growth, the lager beer business surpassed historical monthly peak volumes, achieving a 15 percent increase in quarterly sales and a 14 percent increase for the nine months compared to the prior year.

Under the sorghum beer segment, overall volume in Zimbabwe including exports, increased by three for the quarter and four percent due to improved lager beer availability.

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