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Madzibaba Murderer Arrested

A CHITUNGWIZA man was brought to court over the weekend accused of killing madzibaba, whom he captured in his bedroom with his wife.

Elliot Gadzikwa, 27, was not asked to enter a plea when he appeared in court on Saturday.

Gadzikwa allegedly went through his wife’s phone because he suspected her of infidelity, a local tabloid reports.

He discovered illicit messages between his wife Rumbidzai Mudzipuri, 26, and the now deceased.

Gadzikwa allegedly enticed the now-deceased madzibaba by pretending to be his wife and inviting him to their home.

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The now-deceased went to the couple’s house.

Gadzikwa went outside in the dark to hide.

When the deceased entered the house, Gadzikwa dashed inside.

The now-deceased madzibaba attempted to flee, but Gadzikwa stabbed him in the neck and he died on the spot.

Both Mudzipuri and Gadzikwa fled their home.

The police recovered the phone Gadzikwa used to bait the now deceased, as well as the blood stained clothes he was wearing.

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