Bonga Sithole Back On The Streets

Bonga Sithole, a homeless man who captured the hearts of many South Africans because of his intelligence has disappointed them once again.

Sithole was removed from the streets where he abused drugs and was sent to a rehabilitation centre with promises of work after recovering. Jobs were lining up for him in January 2023.

The man lived in the streets but is well-educated and can speak English fluently. Unfortunately for Mzansi, Bonga Sithole discharged himself from the rehabilitation centre.

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Bonga is trending on Twitter, below are some of the comments.

Some social media users have stated that it is not easy to quit drugs.

“This proves one thing: fighting an addiction is gigantic task!!!! Many people are judging when they have never experienced any addiction.” commented one user.

“He was over rated beacuse of English, otherwise the chap loved the street. I feel sorry for that lady who trying to help and wasting her money to such individuals 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ those two jobs can they be given to deserving graduates,” said another.

“In all honesty, I think this guy was rushed into recovery. This thing is not easy guys, you can’t rush an addiction of years and years into a week or a month.

It’s gonna take a lot of time for this guy to recover, this is what he knows.

Fame, rehab, jobs…it’s a lot 😒”


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