‘I think of Baba Harare during Lula Lula with my husband’

An unidentified married woman has admitted to being obsessed with popular Jiti crooner Baba Harare and frequently mσsterbυtes while thinking about him.

She went on to say that she sometimes has the musician in her head while having sεx with her husband, and she worries that one day she’ll regret calling out Baba Harare’s name.

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Listen to the confession in the video below;

Social media users had this to say;


I feel sorry for the husband 😂😂one day achanzwa mnhu osheedzera kut Father city ari pamsoro dhemeti


😂😂😂 after hearing the song ndine hombe ndine hombeeee🙌😂 haaa vakadzi soo aiwa 😂

Doubt Dehwa Chimonyo

Mwana sikana hazvina kana kumboshata ramba wakadzvanya it’s working for you coz dzedzi pavouya kubva kubasa unenge wakatopika kare saka zviri kutofamba ..Baba Harare woyeeeeee. Ko manje Baba Harare vacho vakasazonakirwa newe wodii??pari tricky

Jillian Chipepera

Its normal to be a fan.A fan is a fanatic… The definition of fanatic is is expressing accesive zeal for something or someone. Just embrace it but dont let it get out of hand, balance it as in life everything needs balance. Some fans end stalking thier favourite celeb in America or doing strange things like hiding in thier closet 😄😄😄. Its amazing how these artist affect and touch our lives in such a deep way and they do it on purpose that is thier aim to affect us, to touch us, move us. Youre not crazy hun its okay i was obsessed with DAVIDO once😆😆😆😆😆
Just get ahold of it
Youre in charge.



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