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Harare Central Police Station Pr_egnant woman bleeds

A PREGNANT woman who was reporting a case of domestic violence yesterday at the Harare Central Police Station bled profusely after she was physically assaulted.
Jacquiline Chikuvira, who was 32 years old and pregnant at the time, was filing a report against her husband, Loston Storo, 39 years old, because she said he had assaulted her.

The incident was documented using case number IR 120616.

According to Jacquiline, “My spouse has been aggressive throughout my first pregnancy, which resulted in a miscarriage.”

On Saturday, he physically assaulted me, and I began bleeding as a result.

“Akandibhutsura mudumbu nebvi, akandikwatura nembama ndikabuda mututu kubva ipapo ndirikutongo bleeder.

“His parents did not provide him with any form of guidance, and although I filed a complaint with the authorities in Budiriro on one occasion, they did not take any action.”

“I was unable to get anyone’s attention, and I haven’t even registered my pregnancy yet.”

According to Jacquiline, “He forced me to leave my work claiming that I must be a housewife only for him to torture me like this.” “He stated that I must be a housewife.”

There was no way to get in touch with Storo for a comment.

On the other hand, H-Metro has received information that may be relied upon indicating that Jacquiline is Storo’s second wife. H Metro

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