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Man Left In Tears As Girlfriend Is Captured With Rich Man

An unidentified man was completely shattered after a program exposed his girlfriend for preferring a rich guy over him.

The man hired private investigators and actors to find out if his woman would dump him for someone more wealthy, and the outcome broke his heart.

One of the actors pretended to be a wealthy man who lavished her with gifts in order to win her over.

Hidden cameras were installed in the house she shares with her boyfriend, and on one fateful day, she told him she was willing to leave her boyfriend for him.

The rich man then offered to reserve a hotel room for them so they could have a good time.

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Even though he had done so much for her, her boyfriend, who was watching the scene from another room, broke down in tears because he couldn’t believe she would treat him that way.

In the video, the boyfriend declared the relationship to be over and threatened to eject her from his home so she could move in with the wealthy man.

Watch the video below:

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