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My Wife Beats Me Up, Threatened To Poison Me

A HARARE man has told the Harare Civil Court that his wife beats him and threatens to kill him.

Tawanda Makarimayi also accused his wife of threatening to poison him.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted his request for a protection order against Margaret Frank.

He claims Margaret assaults him with whatever she can get her hands on.

“She has threatened to poison me with rat poison. “At one time she boiled water at night to scald me.

“She insults me using unprintable words,” he said.

Margaret scoffed at the accusations and argued that Tawanda was the one at fault.

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“The problem is that I saw messages in his phone. He is now staying with his girlfriend.

“He doesn’t even maintain his children saying he is not getting paid.

“I called his boss to confirm and found out he was lying,” she said.

Wife Beats him

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