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Three Dangamvura Men Gang R_ape Male Friend

Three Dangamvura men allegedly drugged a friend and tested him for syphilis and HIV before s3xually abusing him.

Paddington Mutongoreva (27), Kumbirai Amimo (33), and Irvine Mukwati (26) invited their friend (name withheld) to Mutongoreva’s house in Area 14, Dangamvura.

Mutongoreva offered him bananas which are believed to have been laced with an unknown drug, which he ate.

Soon after the complainant finished eating the bananas, he fell asleep on the bed that was in the room. Around midnight, the complainant woke up feeling dizzy. He found that Mutongoreva’s hand was holding his waist while he slept next to him on the bed.

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He felt that the back of his pair of trousers was wet. His pair of trousers, however, was not pulled down. Mutongoreva was also putting on his pair of trousers. Amimo and Mukwati were seated on the same bed and listening to music.

The complainant later gained full consciousness, he felt a sharp pain in his back. He allegedly confronted the trio on why they had abused him, but they denied the allegations.

The man made a report at Dangamvura Police Station. After making a police report, police attended the scene and found syphilis and HIV test kits in the room where the man was allegedly @bused

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