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Rogue Bouncers Face Attempted Murder Charges

TWO knife-wielding bouncers have been charged with attempted murder after their violent behaviour at Pabloz Night Club in Borrowdale last weekend.

Gideon Sanyangore, 32, and Blessing Kumunda, 36, were arrested yesterday after a video of them threatening to stab a Pabloz bouncer and assaulting patrons went viral on social media.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a national police spokesperson, confirmed the arrest and urged anyone who the two scumbags had assaulted to come forward.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of two suspects in connection with an incident that took place at a nightclub recently in Borrowdale,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“The two are facing attempted murder charges. An okapi knife used to stab one of the complainants was recovered from one of the suspects,” he said.

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Ass Comm Nyathi urged nightclub owners to ensure that all activities at their establishments are conducted peacefully at all times.

Today, Gideon and Blessing are scheduled to appear in court.

After hearing about the two bouncers’ Pabloz attack, music promoters, nightclub owners, and revellers all complained about their behaviour.

Another video clip was shared on social media showing one of the bouncers at Mashwede in Glen View splashing a patron in the face with beer before unprovokedly clapping him.

The two bouncers were barred from most entertainment events, but they had been using force to man entrances and collect gate fees, which they pocketed while bragging about their untouchability.

Ass-Comm Nyathi also issued a warning to celebrate peacefully and safely on New Year’s Eve, stating that anyone found lighting firecrackers while endangering the safety of others would be arrested.

He also cautioned parents and guardians to keep an eye on young children, especially girls, as they might be targeted for rape during the festivities.

He also issued a drug abuse warning.


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