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On Christmas Day, three cousins beat a police officer to death.

Three cousins from Jotsholo in Lupane allegedly beat a policeman on Christmas Day, causing his death the next day.

Lizwe, Nowell, and Forget Tshuma, all of Sikhali 1 village under Chief Mabhikwa, allegedly killed Mandleni Ncube (31).


When they stood before Lupane magistrate Ndumo Masuku, they weren’t asked to plead guilty to murder.

The magistrate remanded them to jail until January 12 and told them to petition for bail.

Prosecutor Zandile Lauren Ndebele said the murder happened on Christmas Day in Jotsholo.

“On December 25 at 11:30pm, the deceased was wearing a police uniform in Saphiwa Kuhle. Sicelo Moyo hailed him as he headed to a bar.


Moments later, the informant heard commotion coming from where the deceased was having a dispute with Makhosi Mpala,” stated the prosecutor.

Lizwe approached the deceased when he was disputing with Mpala, hit him with a knobkerrie, and fled away.

The victim fell and went unconscious.

Nowell allegedly beat him with a log while he was lying on the ground and fled.

Forget then hit him with an empty beer bottle and ran, the court heard.

The informant tried to help Ncube by pouring water on him, but to no avail.

The dead was taken to Tshongogwe Hospital and then St Luke’s Hospital, but he died on admission.

Three were arrested after a police report.

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