Leonard Dembo’s Widow Amputated

Eunice Dembo, Leonard Dembo’s widow, recently had her right leg amputated due to gangrene.

Dr Johannes Marisa, a renowned medical practitioner, was the first to diagnose Mai Dembo with the disease.

According to a close source, she used to receive free treatment at Dr. Marisa’s Westview Clinic, but she later decided to consult prophets.

According to H-Metro, she finally sought medical help when her condition worsened.

The source said doctors had no option but to amputate her leg.

“Mai Dembo strongly believes in prophets and chivanhu. We hear she has been getting help from Dr Marisa, but she decided to seek another opinion with the assistance of her daughter,” said the source.

“We were disappointed to hear that she was finally amputated when her situation could have been managed,” added the source.

Her eldest son, Morgan Dembo, confirmed she was amputated and that she was receiving medication at a local hospital.

“Mama is not around as you can see. She has gone to hospital to dress the wound.

“You can come tomorrow and talk to her,” said Morgan.

Leonard Dembo's Widow Amputated
Leonard Dembo’s Widow Amputated

Dr Marisa, who first detected Mai Dembo’s gangrene, was disappointed after learning about her amputation.

“I diagnosed her first and suggested that her foot should be amputated, but she refused.

“She believes in prophets and traditional healers.

“I told her that she should seek medical attention, so that she could get her foot amputated but she ran away,” he said.

“She was influenced by her daughter (Fenny) who is in South Africa to seek help from traditional healers.

“When she developed gangrene up to the knee, I no longer wanted to deal with her because she did not listen. I heard that she went to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where she was amputated. She does not listen.”

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Dr Marisa also said Mai Dembo was arrogant.

“She doesn’t know that she is only wife to the late legend, Leonard Dembo. They feel entitled because her husband was a great man.

“When gangrene is diagnosed, there is no way out. The organ should be removed,” he said.


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