Mai TT, Olinda Chapel Beef Escalates

The feud between socialites Mai TT and Olinda Chapel on social media is far from over.

One would think the two rekindled their romance at Mai TT’s One Nite Only event in the United Kingdom last November, but that is not the case.

Their relationship is deteriorating, with socialite Ketty Masomera at the center of the conflict.

Mai TT, according to Olinda Chapel, is influencing her friend Ketty to insult her.

This, she believes, is unjust, given that she has assisted Mai TT in her time of need.

Mai TT, on the other hand, claims she has no fear of Olinda and will openly attack her if necessary.

“I heard your lies and what you are saying that I’m sending Ketty to insult you.

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“Kana ndichida kukututuka ndinotadzaneyi nhayi, ndinokutyeyi zvekuti ndingatadze kukuudza?

“What’s the reason for insulting you? Ukutaura kuti zvaAwilo ndozvandirwadza, ndorwadziwa neyi pakuunza kwako Awilo muUK?” she said on her Facebook post.

Mai TT said Olinda supported her show, but later said she was too classy for the show.

“Ukarerutsa show yangu uchiti you owned the show because you helped Kaycie ndikanyarara.

“You keep throwing shade ndinongokunyararira, do you think kukutya?

“I’m learning to focus on what matters while you and your classy self focuses on street kids and classless trash like us, why?

“Why don’t you focus on millionaires and stop involving yourself in our lives.

“Never in a million years have I asked you for help, but you reached out by yourself, not from your heart but for clout,” she said.

She said Olinda was not invited to her show.

“Kuma show kwacho you came all the way kumunhu asiri class yako wani wawasheedzwa here?

“Handiti wakauya kuzoita show off? “Still, I thanked you for your show off.

“Saka uri kundipinzireyi munyaya dzako naKetty?

“Please I have so many problems at the moment to be sending people to insult you for reasons I do not know.

“Pedzerana naKetty ndiye akakudenha inini hangu ndinotokukumbira nemweya waMwari siyana neni, “ she said.

Olinda Chapel then posted Mai TT’s estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa, claiming that he is innocent, insinuating that the problem causer was Mai TT.


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