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Makhadzi Emotional Following Break Up With Master KG

Master KG announced the breakup of his relationship with “his queen” Makhadzi on Facebook. She responded to that post in a way that suggested she was either in denial or participating in a publicity stunt. Makhadzi has a history of publicity gimmicks, so we cannot underestimate her propensity for them. We do, however, question whether she is being sincere about her feelings in light of her most recent Tweets.

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Makhadzi subtly accused Master KG of cheating and even revealed his 10s, which set off the drama. She later apologized and claimed she had been hacked. Master KG revealed their breakup on his Facebook page during all of this drama.

“It is sad to say this, but me and my Queen Makhadzi we no longer in a relationship but we continue working together to entertain our lovely fans going forward. Thank you,” the Facebook post reads.

Makhadzi responded in a very in denial way, “I will update [you guys with] a date and venue soon. He just did a typing error he wanted to tell you that he loves me and he can’t wait to come to my show. But this year we starting in Venda, then Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. KwaZulu-Natal as well,” she concluded.

For a few hours, Makhadzi and Master KG were trending, and the majority of the backlash was coming from trolls. In now-deleted tweets, she responded by saying that she had come to accept the bullying as a normal part of her life.

“This is how I live, I take everything happening in my life as a part of life if doesn’t happen to me it must happen to who? So, this life is always llike this if you don’t take any situation as a part of life for any human being including yourself you gonna invite depression,” she tweeted.

She urged trolls to continue making fun of her in another tweet that has since vanished from her Twitter account and advised them to purchase more data.

“Even when it’s not necessary. Making fun of me it’s part of life continues Until it happens to you. Continue to buy more data and insult me I am all yours,” she wrote.

This is the second break news story to surface in recent months, and the first one was a hoax. Master KG denied that they broke up as a result of the Sunday World report.

Even though they ended things, it came straight from the source, but Twitter users are still not persuaded.

Speaking to us a few years ago, Makhadzi shared her regret at having revealed her relationship with Master KG to the public.

“The only thing I also want and I wish could happen just that it didn’t happen the way I wanted, I only want people to know Makhadzi for her performances and music besides my personal issues but because people already knew about my relationship there was nothing I can do but my wish is for them to know about my music only,” she told ZAlebs.

“It’s always a good thing to work with him because when me and him collaborate it’s all about talent. He has his own talent and I have mine and we understand each other and everything we touch becomes a hit, and he’s the only producer whom I feel like we understand each other.”-

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