Passion Java Imbinga Yakashaker: Baba Harare

MUSICIAN Baba Harare sparked outrage on social media over the weekend after firing shots at Prophet Passion Java, claiming he suffers from imposter syndrome.

For some time now, the two have been at odds, insulting each other.

Java, according to Baba Harare, is not a man enough because he gets his fame by insulting other men.

“Imposter syndrome – it’s a serious psychological disorder.

“Uyo arikuruboshwe has never felt like he is man enough or deserves his so called ‘success’. So, he spends time riding on other men’s coat tails kutosvika pakutovabira mazita avo.

“That is why he dons himself in all that glitters. He will never be enough. He flaunts perceived ‘wealth’ seeking validation from his followers, but deep down he has a hole he can’t fill.

“I am comforted by the fact that the majority of you see through his façade,” he said.

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Baba Harare claimed he had developed the ability to voice his opinion on subjects that concern him as an artist.

“As artists, we need to occupy the commentary space regularly until it’s normal.

“If we don’t engage in discussions around our craft, ndipo panouya mbinga dzakasheka to exploit us. Our art is our business. Kuimba kubasa. Nditori kubasa,” he added.

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