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Tom Deuschle, Passion Java Clash Over Pastors For ED

Pastor Tom Deuschle, the founder of Celebration Church, and controversial cleric Passion Java are at odds over differing theological philosophies.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Deuschle is seen disparaging the Pastors for ED movement, which supports President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid for reelection.

Deuschle argued that the only type of leaders who can represent Christ as politicians are pastors.

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To which different sections on social media reacted;

Before being a pastor you are a citizen, and part of being a citizen is to choose who leads you. Part of the reason why some countries have poor governance may be because they are led by people who may struggle with moral and spiritual issues. As such, I would imagine pastors must be very instrumental in governance.
I don’t know where in the Bible it is written pastors should mix up with politics, in some way what he’s saying is totally true
In fact we should be asking why pastors are not more involved in running the country, to give it spiritual and moral guidance…
My take is Panganai ndiye ataurwa apa haachasi munhu wa Mwari ave kuto contester mu Party
But Java on the other hand argued that there is nothing wrong with church leaders aligning themselves with political parties as leaders are chosen by God.

…and there is also nothing wrong on choosing not to be pastor for ED!!!. This is a free nation they say, so let him be…
I can’t believe he just said “vatungamiriri vanoiswa naMwari” yet he’s talking about a guy who gained power through a coup d’etat and a blatantly stolen election which was followed by a daylight bloodshed(literally)..the way these guys don’t fear God is SHOCKING!!!!
Hazvina kana basa izvo zvekumitisa David akangotorawo bathsheba but akaramba achishandira mwari kwete ED.

Tom Deuschle, Passion Java Clash Over Pastors For ED

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