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Coffin Maker Caught ‘Killing’ Hospital Patients To Boost Business

A Cameroonian man ran out of luck after he was caught removing drips on cholera patients so he could boost his coffin business.

In 2022, Cameroon was gripped by what was termed the worst outbreak in decades in the Central African country. Because of the outbreak, the country experienced several deaths from the epidemic.

One 33-year-old coffin vendor from Limbe, a seaside city in the southwest region of Cameroon, saw this as an opportunity to make a fortune and grow his business.

His business venture had not been bringing in the revenue he was expecting, and he devised a plan. He reckoned he could go to a nearby hospital and get himself customers in the most unusual way.

The hospital had a lot of cholera patients, and Mikozi Network reported that the coffin vendor went in to remove drips on them, so they would die. While camping outside the hospital, he would then sell coffins to their relatives and thus cash in.

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As he was going through with his plan, a nurse on duty at the hospital caught him, and he managed to shake her off and flee.

Hospital authorities and some members of the public chased and apprehended him. They then tied the coffin vendor up until the police came and whisked him away.

The unscrupulous coffin vendor shook social media users. Check out their sentiments below.


“It’s not business. He’s a psychopath serial killer. Who in his sane mind (except large corporations doing it already) would even think of killing people in their community to get sales? Crazy.”


“He has figured out how the world operates.”


“In his mind, it’s just business. Nothing personal. Yo.”


“It’s not like this coffin vendor is robbing people and stuff; it’s just a simple drip removal.”


“Whatever happened to sales and marketing.”


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