Somizi, Dineo Ranaka draw knives against Khanyi Mbau over sangoma comments

Khanyi Mbau appears to have hit a lot of sensitive nerves with her sangoma “shade.”

After disparaging what she referred to as “urban sangomas,” Khanyi Mbau sparked a firestorm on social media.

In a series of images posted to her Instagram stories, the actress asserted that the majority of people now associate fear with an ancestor’s call.

Khanyi Mbau blamed depression for the growth of sangomas in South Africa.

“You don’t have a calling, it’s anxiety. This is the most anxious generation. That’s why we have so many sangomas… Urban sangomas.”

Her comments on urban sangomas rubbed a number of people the wrong way.

Responding to Khanyi Mbau’s claims,  radio personality Dineo Ranaka subtly slammed Khanyi Mbau for commenting on sangomas when she doesn’t understand anything about the ancestral journey.

Umuntu ongakaze angene ephehlweni will have a lot to say about what they don’t know. Likewise, a person who has never walked a day in your shoes will have tons of advice on how you should tie your laces. Live as you are guided. Do as you know is good for your soul,” she wrote.

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Dineo Ranaka threw jabs at Khanyi and all the naysayers who concurred with her sentiments on modern-day sangomas for mocking something they can not comprehend.

“…Thokozani those that mock what they cannot comprehend. Thokozani modern-day uncertified psychologists get a great portion of their partial teachings from TikTok (hehehe yah neh), Thokozani nani twitter psychologists, and herbalists. Thokozani nina that are fascinated, intrigued and eager to understand and respect the journeys of others without judgment or disgust,” Dineo wrote.


Somizi Mhlongo, a judge on The Idols SA, on the other side, decided to add his own perspective to the current debate surrounding sangomas. Somizi harshly reprimanded Khanyi for making fun of people who had made sangomas their vocation.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Somizi stated;

“We are not them, we are not walking in their shoes, as much as we wouldn’t want anyone to speak on our behalf. When people are now saying ‘everyone is becoming a sangoma’ I personally don’t think so.

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