Chembere Mukadzi: Fans Defend Mbeu’s Choice To Marry “Older” Woman

Ashton Nyahore, a popular modern singer better known by his stage name Mbeu, married Faith Mashami, a much older woman, recently. As usual, social media has been cruel in its criticism of the marriage calling it unbalanced due to the two people’s age differences.

The marriage comes after Mbeu was last year reported by the Zim Morning Post to have dumped his wife Letrose Marenga for the businesswoman.

Chembere Mukadzi: Fans Defend Mbeu's Choice To Marry "Older" Woman
Chembere Mukadzi: Fans Defend Mbeu’s Choice To Marry “Older” Woman

Mashami is said to be the owner of the executive fashion boutique Vessels Of Honour in the city.

When asked about their relationship at the time, Mashami could neither confirm nor deny it, remaining ambiguous.

Meet Mbeu’s new wife;

Mbeu Marries His Sweetheart. (Cred: Zim morning post)
Mbeu Marries His Sweetheart. (Cred: Zim morning post)

Social media users’ reactions to the news were divided: one group supported the union, while the other criticised Mbeu for getting married to an older woman.

Enzo Cuthbert Kachale

“Usavateerere vanoti waroora chembere avo age is just a number”

Edgar Simbarashe Mazorodze

Vakanaka Mai avo chero dai ndiri ini ndaivaroora

Crestabell Chibaya

Chembere mkadzi iwe admin kwana

Gamue Bakasa

Marelationship ekuti mukadzi ndiye muhombe arikutogara kudarika mamwe ese😇

Addie Taku Mukanwa

Makorokoto mwari vakomborere wanano yenyu pasawa nechinopinda pakati penyu, Iwe Mbeu ziva kuti wapinda mumarriage nebig mistake knowing kuti you married a manager now that manager is going to manage your business, your movement, your life and your bedroom saka kana usina kufunga nezvazvo ukazvipira hauna kwaunoenda nemarriage, Mwari vapinde pakati penyu mukufadzana nekumanejana zvose zvive nenyasha dzamara maparadzaniswa nekupera kwemweya panyama.

Tinofara Shango Mushangwe

Hunger has affected our youths,some of them are now even lazy to work vakuda kuchengetwa nana mbuya

Takudzwa Gambiza

The boy doesn’t look happy, in fact he is looking miserable, wondering what he has done to himself

Momo LadyFire

Only in Zim where people laugh at people’s age when they get married bruh love knows no age zvekuti age what what rato drama Congratulations to the couple May God bless your Union 🎉🎉 Awana mukadzi aita chakanaka

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