Moonchild Sanelly Explains Why She Is “Not OK”

Although Moonchild Sanelly claimed she preferred to keep her emotions private unless in therapy, worries for the artist grew on Tuesday as she posted a cryptic message about her mental health.

The Thunda Thighs singer said in a deleted post, “I’m not OK,” adding that she had held back on telling her team about her mental status out of concern that she would burden them.

“Some would ask; How did the team not know, and to be honest it’s not the team. It’s an artist protecting the team from what they are going through so they can focus on work. It’s not easy to share draining emotions, especially when you know you’re drained.”

In another post, the singer wrote: “Ngikhathele (I am tired).”

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Moonchild stated that the vehicle accident involving her best friend this week, which brought to memory the death of her mother when she was 17 in 2005, caused her to write the messages.

“I lost my mother because of a car accident. My best friend, who looks like a mother, is recovering and I think that really triggered me as well,” she said.

“I was a photographer at my mother’s funeral. That was a person who really meant the world to me and I didn’t cry, and I’ve since manoeuvred like that when it comes to death, so I think this experience hit me hard because she looks just like my mom. Almost losing her to the same thing, subconsciously the connection is just a lot and overwhelming.”

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Having taken some time off for the past two weeks after her four-month  international global tour in nearly 30 cities in 2022, Moonchild said she had to face her emotions

“I did not entertain that feeling of loss. Yesterday I was just feeling overwhelmed. I don’t know how to stop and it felt like the world stopped when I stopped. It feels like when I’m sleeping, I’m slacking and its uncomfortable. I enjoy moving around, being under pressure and all. It’s all a culmination.”

Although Moonchild Sanelly  did receive snarky comments from trolls online, she is adamant she is unbothered by people who might try bully her online. She said tweeps needed to be more aware of the remarks they make and others people’s mental health.

“I wasn’t joking and they made it a joke. I generally don’t share my emotions. I speak to a therapist or write a song. I don’t like burdening people. Everyone’s got their own issues. I wanted people to know I’m not okay and needed virtual hugs,

“Yesterday I was like, No, I’m not OK. I feel better today. I’ve been working since I woke up. That for me is living.”


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