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Pictures Of Killer Jaison Muvevi Living Large Stuns Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans had differing perceptions of the killer former CID officer Jaison Muvevi after seeing his pictures lving large across the globe.

In a shooting spree that left residents living in fear, Muvevi terrorised Wedza last week, killing three people and seriously injuring one.

However, he was apprehended in Mozambique and turned over to Zimbabwean authorities to answer for his crimes.

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Images of Jaison Muvevi enjoying himself have subsequently started to spread on social media, and numerous schools of thought are offering their assessments on what they think precipitated the killing spree.

Muhevi Living His Best Life (Cred: Jaison Muvevi Facebook)
Muvhevhi Living His Best Life (Cred: Jaison Muvevi Facebook)
Muvevi Living His Best Life (Cred: Jaison Muvevi Facebook)
Muvhevhi Living His Best Life (Cred: Jaison Muvevi Facebook)
Muvevi Living His Best Life (Cred: Jaison Muvevi Facebook)

Garikayi Nigel

I think something happened to this guy mentally

Tsitsi Muza

Garikayi Nigel Nothing happened to him mentally. He just became so accustomed to killing people and getting away with it that it became his favourite sport. But nothing lasts forever

Tino Mawere

Pamadhiri egold kuti zviite panotobatwa zvinorema. But then wakatadza kuzviita nemazvo zvinokupandukira

Dennis Tatenda Kiwaz

Dzave nhoroondo
Achaita zvokurota life iyi ari muchikurubhi
Dzungu hakusi kungwara

Annalisa Muroiwa

Hapana Mentally apa.. Anga angozvijaira kuuraya osiya ende apana aimubata

Ever since he went on a rampage, people from Wedza told The Herald how they had abandoned any movement since the fateful Friday.

“We have been living in fear since this horrible incident occurred. People were even afraid of working in their fields or travelling to the business centre, fearing for their lives.

“We are happy that the suspect was arrested. We are relieved, and we now have peace. Everyone in this community is relieved. My wish is for this person not to be given bail. You never know what he will do next once he is given bail. That is the fear and concern of the people around here,” Madzibaba Edson Moyo said

Madzibaba Silo also narrated how community members had taken to sleeping in the bush out of fear.

“Some were even scared to the extent of abandoning their homes and sleeping in the bushes. It was a scary and unfriendly situation. We are glad that he has been arrested,” he said.

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