Ammara Brown, Ras Pompey Feature In New Movie

Ammara Brown, an award-winning singer, and Ras Pompey will appear in the upcoming film Shingai, which deals with drug abuse.

Ammara, who plays Anastasia, took to social media to explain the plot and the meaning of the film’s title.

The film, written by Julius Sadi, will be released on an unspecified date. She also explained why she decided to appear in the film.

“I was drawn to this story because so many of the plot points in this movie are a reflection of the difficulties, not just Zimbabwe was dealing with during Covid-19, but the entire world.

“I know from a personal perspective I have family members who struggle with drug abuse and the story just came with all the moving parts that our day-to-day lives have and the inspiration thereafter,” she said.

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Ammara Brown said it takes commitment to refrain from taking drugs.

“I think a lot of the time, the struggle with drug addicts and drug abuse don’t want to change.

“The mindset of relying on the substance catches them. Those who change are ready to change.

“Shingi’s story is so inspiring because it’s someone coming from grief. Confusion turns to a life of crime out of desperation.”

The film speaks to most of the youths because it shows them that they can change their lives and turn a new leaf.

“This story is meant to bring youths back to the real world.

“If you want to change the world you should start with changing is yourself and everyone around you, I am so excited by the play Anastasia,” she said.

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