“Stop Mast__bating To My Pictures”: Olinda Chapel Slams Shadaya

A social media war is brewing between UK-based socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel and Shadaya Knight whom she claims is targeting her after undergoing body transformation surgery.

Shadaya made claim on his social media attributing her weight loss to his influence.

A claim that Olinda Chapel outrightly denied saying she underwent the knife for her own benefit.

Olinda says that she has been body shamed for years and her decision was her own.

In a social media post, with two pictures showing Olinda before and after weight loss, Shadaya said;

“Take a look at this before and after knowing Shadaya

And no, I don’t want anything, I’m a public servant


This, Olinda Chapel, did not take lightly as she responded with some fire-filled hit back.

Tell this little boy
1. Have never KNOWN him!

2. Social media has been trolling my weight since 2015 before you even owned a phone my guy in the thousands. Your few tweets are just a few grains of sand in the desert!
3. I had surgery for me, not you!
Stop glorifying yourself for nothing. I know it’s hard when the only thing you own in life is your birth certificate (even if that belongs to the government of Zimbabwe). So you go around claiming, to fulfil this emptiness and make yourself feel that you have achieved.
Now put the phone down and stop m***bating to my pictures. I didn’t want you then, and I still don’t want you now.

Four days after undergoing the transformative surgery, Olinda Chapel took a swipe at her body shamers.

“Raw footage, 4 days after op. Swollen everything, breasts gone, dumbu gone, waistline, hips on fire#size14”

She added:

“The only people with a problem with my weight loss are the same people that used to call me Jojo Tank, green pepper.

“I fixed my body, how far with your ugliness.”


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