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‘Stop blaming Don Design for AKA’s murder’: Da Les charges

Rapper Da Les says Don Design was a good friend to AKA and would never betray him after Twitter ‘detectives’ analysed CCTV footage and suspected him of having a hand in Kiernan Forbes’ murder.

Da Les, who is friends with both AKA and Don Design says tweeps must let him mourn in peace. This is after Twitter “detectives” spotted him on Kienan Forbes’ CCTV footage where he was shot and killed.

“Please leave @dondesign alone. He had nothing to do with this. He’s always had Kiernan’s back and side from beginning till end. He’d never do anything to hurt him. He’s been through enough! LEAVE HIM ALONE HE NEEDS TO HEAL! We all do,” wrote Da Les.

Don Design began trending after tweeps suspected him in AKA’s shooting and death, while some even called him the “mastermind” in the hit.

They are also questioning his “behaviour” where he’s reportedly closing his ears when the shot went off on Friday evening, 10 February.



“Don Design is guilty as they come and he was paid for it… we know but people are playing they wouldn’t hurt a fly card.”


“I don’t believe he is guilty, I do feel he has to be questioned to clarify some of the movements in the footage that are raising questions. Being a suspect doesn’t mean you’re guilty, but it can help with any questions that need to be answered in order to solve a case.”


“Dude look properly, most of the guys in white shirts do the same thing. ‘cover their faces’ telling you instinctively reactions. It looks as if his covering his ears but it’s shielding, and the others do it as well. Look properly… When the gun goes off they all do it.”


“Don King or Design lonto iyiyo, was worried because his friends seemed to be delaying the programme (slowly), hence he kept on checking them. Don wanted the mission to be done at that time …… it is what it is… let’s wait and see.”




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