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Valentine’s Day Is Demonic: Uebert Angel

Yesterday saw many Zimbabweans, heathens and Christians alike, celebrating Valentine’s day- a day of love- however, the man of God, prophet Uebert Angel said the day is demonic.

The Good News World President shared his sentiments on social media saying the day should not be celebrated by Christians as it was historically practised by pagans in worshipping their deities.

“February 14 is NOT Christian. It is a day celebrated as Lupercalia (known as the “festival of sexual license”).

“This demonic day was held by the ancient Romans in honor of Lupercus, god of fertility and husbandry, protector of herds and crops, and a mighty hunter—especially of wolves.

“The Romans believed that Lupercus would protect Rome from roving bands of wolves, which devoured livestock and people.

“Assisted by Vestal Virgins, the Luperci (male priests) conducted purification rites by sacrificing goats a dog in the Lupercal cave on Palatine Hill, where the Romans believed the twins Romulus and Remus had been sheltered and nursed by a she-wolf before they eventually founded Rome. Clothed in loincloths made from sacrificed goats and smeared in their blood, the Luperci would un about Rome, striking women with februa, thongs made from skins of the sacrificed goats. The Luperci believed that the floggings purified women and guaranteed their fertility and ease of childbirth. February derives from februa or “means of purification.” He wrote.

Much of what he said in the post can be found all over the internet, however, some sections of the society said that Uebert Angel was not being honest with himself and posted a picture back when he bought a Lamborghini as a Valentine’s gift for his wife.

Many others defended the day arguing that the same can be said about Christmas.


“😶 you know Easter and Christmas are pagan holidays as well? It’s all astro mythology.”


“What’s demonic about couples sharing love? buying each other gifts? God is love!”

Ungovernable Comrade

Promote what you believe in. I always promote my Africa and her Spirituality. I promote African Indigenous Prophets, Sangomas, our herbs, our culture and belief systems. Why are you bothered by Roman cultures? #ZanuPfMustGo

Donald sirewu
Thank you Pastor Angel for opening our eyes here
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Amon Chakumimba

God created the world so we are part of the world, everything that is in it is demonstrating the power of God. God can recreate he got every power and so God can reverse. Anything that we can witness on earth demonstrates the power of God that he was crucified on every individual behalf


“if we start looking for things related to the dark world we will see that as Christians we should not be staying on this earth… Think of the clothes, designers, music, films, and food being prayed for to other Gods as they are manufactured…we live by Grace so hameno”



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