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Man Down: Valentine’s Day Engagement Proposal At Mambos Ends In Tears

A Harare man was left with an egg in his face when her girlfriend whom he had taken for a lunch date at a local fast food restaurant, Mambos Chicken, publicly rejected his engagement proposal.

In the video, that has now gained traction, the man can be seen getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend. The girlfriend, on the other hand, appears irritated.

Customers and Mambos Chickens employees can be seen cheering on the couple. The audience can be heard actively encouraging the lady to accept the proposal, but she is obstinate and rejects his proposal.

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The girlfriend tries to get her boyfriend to stand up and stop proposing, but he refuses. This causes the lady to walk away. The man, on the other hand, throws himself to the ground and tries to grab her legs to prevent her from fleeing. The lady breaks free and flees.

Before she gets to the door, she returns, grabs the huge teddy bear that her boyfriend had bought her and throws it in his face before she finally leaves the fast food restaurant.

Watch the video below;

Speaking out after the drama, the lady told ZimCelebs that she was not ready for that kind of commitment.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as netizens are blaming the lady for embarrassing and humiliating her boyfriend in such a public place. A section on social media reckons the lady should have just accepted his proposal first to save him from embarrassment and then rejected him in private.

However, another section thinks this whole Valentine’s proposal drama was staged.

Check out some of the reactions;


Shw could’ve at least said yes then vozotaurirana in private instead of embarrassing brother avo like that. It’s not cool at all 

@Peter Peezy;

Eish Such a huge public embarrassment .People must stop this nonsense of copying and pasting things they see from the movies .Roora then do all those movie scenes she won’t reject because already they have accepted the bag anenge avuma kudara


⚠️Looks staged when you look closely

1. Something that looks like a mic is being put on the chick at the beginning of the video
2. There’s a guy with a pro video camera
3. The said guy is a struggling upcoming musician (a way to get attention maybe)

Either way it’s 🚮🚮🚮

@Angelah Thokoza;

Just a tip to my brothers.
As long as you know that your woman is indecisive,shy,has low esteem or is unsure about you in any sense, please spare yourself the drama, hurt,embarrassment and confusion,do it in private.
Honestly it hurts seeing you guys in that state after rejection.☹️😢

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