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Man kills his parents, claims ‘it felt right’ doing so

A man who fatally slashed his parents to death expressed a chilling sentiment, stating “it felt right,” when confronted by neighbours before managing to evade capture.

The double killing took place during a family gathering at Gwalubha Village under Chief Mabhikwa on September 21.

Clever allegedly stabbed both his parents, Mildress Ngwenya (71) and Simon Shoemaker Ngwenya (73), in the throat with a knife.

“It Felt Right”: Chilling Words From A Murder Suspect Who Went On A Killing Spree
As the search for Clever Ngwenya intensifies, chilling details about the incident have emerged.

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After the heinous act, the suspect reportedly chased after his two siblings, Khululani and Fidelis, who managed to seek refuge in a neighbour’s house.

When villagers formed a search party to locate and capture him, they found him at Khululani’s home, still brandishing the bloodied knife.

When confronted by neighbours, Clever reportedly responded with shocking callousness.

His elder brother, John, who was present during the confrontation, shared his brother’s unsettling response:

“He only had one answer for me. He said ‘it felt right’”.

An attempt to apprehend him failed as the villagers scattered in terror.

Clever’s sister Fidelis, recounted the traumatic sequence of events.

It is alleged the suspect had summoned Khululani to discuss an issue with the family.

When they gathered, Clever abruptly stated that it was no longer necessary to discuss the matter.

In a split second, he produced a knife and attacked their mother, followed by their father.

Before their father tragically passed away, he urged Fidelis to run for her life and seek refuge from their neighbours.

As the search for Clever continues, his family members are living in fear, seeking refuge at the Lupane Police Station.

Clever, who had previously lived in Botswana, is believed to be headed there if he has left the country.

The police are appealing to the public for any information that may lead to his arrest.

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